Six DevOps books to read this season

These six Agile and DevOps books cover how to adopt the methodologies, manage IT organizations with them, and find routes to improvement.

They’re sure to offer an array of useful advice, relevant anecdotes and viable solutions to IT challenges.


If your company is considering a transition to Agile, this book, as well as its predecessor, Fear Less: Introducing New Ideas into Organizations, may belong on your year-end reading list. Manns and Rising offer a significant array of suggestions (63 total, between the two titles) to lessen reservations of Agile skeptics and to help leaders of change win their teams’ interest in making the switch. With suggestions that range from discussions with the skeptics — who ask the right questions — to holding trial runs, wherein Agile is tested in short-term experiments, this book will benefit change agents. As DevOps is born out of Agile, Agile developers must be knowledgeable of system operations. In turn, system administrators with solid Agile knowledge can easily become DevOps engineers.


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