A Holiday Tradition: 2017 Continuous Delivery Predictions

It’s that time of year. As the calendar year comes to a close, many of us are following time-honored traditions: making preparations for the holidays, planning some much-deserved time off and enjoying time with friends and family.

In the business world, the year-end also brings its own traditions, and first among those is making predictions for the coming year. I’m not one to forgo traditions, so in this article I’ll share my thoughts on the upcoming year within the context of the continuous delivery movement.


To level set, continuous delivery is the most evolved and modern state of software development and testing—and is core to a successful DevOps strategy. Organizations that are able to achieve continuous delivery can rapidly develop, test and release applications—with higher quality and at lower costs.

Simply put, the ability to more continuously deliver software is one of the biggest advantages to attain in the application economy, where the battleground for consumer loyalty is most often found in the ability to deliver superior applications.

Now that we know what continuous delivery means, let’s get to my predictions for 2017:


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